Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Specialist
Reverse Osmosis Cleaning specialist
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Aquatrade supplies a diverse range of speciality chemicals including calcium sulphate removal, chemical raw materials and allied services to industries and specialise in Reverse Osmosis water purification and Reverse Osmosis cleaning. Although primarily manufacturing-orientated, Aquatrade provides technology to clients and does its own research and development where necessary. Our technical consultant has over 25 years experience in formulating and development.

It is the vision of Aquatrade to build and maintain a highly diversified group of autonomous speciality chemicals, all dominant in their respective fields. Based on state-of-the-art technology, all bound by common values and purposes, employing competent people. Aquatrade is a manufacturing company servicing both the heavy and light industrial sectors of South Africa. The main aim is to supply products and services to other service oriented companies who supply end users.

Aquatrade has been operating since 2001. Occupying a factory in Spartan, Kempton Park and do manufacturing, toll manufacturing, technical consulting, collections and deliveries for customers. We have a good relationship with both customers and suppliers and endeavour to deliver service excellence to both where possible. Because of this relationship between ourselves and our suppliers we have been able to assist in working away product that is slow moving or excess stock.
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